Spring vibrations in QX Shop

Tropical Birds Shorts
Take a vacation from boring in this brand new Tropical Birds Shorts!
€ 24,32
Rainbow Gay Pride Scarves
These rainbow scarves are striped with the colors of the rainbow.
€ 6,80
Woven Patch Keychain
Rainbow ribbon woven patch keychain, 13 cm long, 3 cm wide. Fits perfect...
€ 3,04
Cactus Swim Sunga
Swimming sunga 80% polyester and 20% elastane AD logo in silicone on...
€ 34,96
Plants Swim Brief - Yellow
Swimming brief 80% polyester and 20% elastane AD logo in silicone on...
€ 33,44
Pride Stripe Swim Shorts
Andrew Christians Pride Swim Shorts will help you show your pride and...
€ 52,48
Pique Swim Brief - Turquoise
Swim brief Made with high quality fabrics (80% polyamide and 20%...
€ 33,44
Vibe Training Shorts
When you're training, your vibe is still super sexy. Well, your vibe is...
€ 44,88
Tote bag with Rwill lining. 45 x 42 cm. 100% cotton Hook-Up design Sami...
€ 28,88

New Items

Moxy Pride August 2nd
QX Shop sells tickets on behalf of the organisers of MOXY PRIDE at Café...
€ 11,44
QX May 2019
Get a copy oQX May 2019 sent home
Or read online here
€ 2,72
Våldets historia
Édouard Louis novel: Histoire de la violence
In Swedish
€ 5,36
Vem dödade min far
Édouard Louis novel Qui a tué mon père?
In Swedish
€ 14,32
Om allt vore annorlunda
Sanna Mac Donald Novel.
In Swedish
€ 17,92
Annika Hamrud. In Swedish.
€ 4,48
Annika Hamrud on Western Churches and opperssion in Uganda
In Swedish
€ 19,68
Message Bear - "Ya Wanna cuddle"
Cute Bear to give to someone you want to meet up with! (not suitable for...
€ 7,60
Message Bear - "Missing You"
Cute Bear to give to someone you miss! (not suitable forchildren below 3...
€ 7,60
Message Bear - "Me so Horney"
Cute Bear to give to someone you really like :-) (not suitable for...
€ 7,60
QX April 2019
Geta copy of QX April 2019 sent to you. (In Swedish)
Or read online here
€ 2,72
Bisexual Sweat Wristband
Made of 80% cotton, 20% Spandex. Elasticized to fit most adult wrists.
€ 4,56

Popular items

Badge Rainbow colors
Badge Rainbow colors
€ 1,20
Rainbow Lanyard
Key lanyard, RB band, 45 cm long, 2,5 cm broad
€ 2,24
Lei - Silk Flower Party Rainbow
Silk Flower party-necklace with flowers in Rainbow colors
€ 2,24
Rainbow Flag printed 90 x 150
Rainbow Flag 90 x 150 This flag is screen printed onto 100% woven...
€ 6,08
Rainbow flag on wooden stick
Printed Rainbow flag on stick. Format of the flag 30x45 cm each.
€ 3,04
Handmade Bracelet Fishbone
Handmade in nylon thread. Rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green,...
€ 1,52
Rainbow heart PIN
PIN formed as a rainbow heart, 2,5 x 2,5 cm
€ 3,76
Rainbow flag on stand
Small rainbow flag on stick with stand. Size 15x10,5 cm
€ 3,76
Rainbow PRIDE Wristband
Silicon freindship bracelet with PRIDE
€ 1,52
10 Rectangle Rainbow Stickers
These rectangle rainbow stickers are 3,2 cm tall by 5 cm wide and have...
€ 0,80
Handmade bracelet, Rhombus
Rhombus design They are handmade in nylon thread. Rainbow colors:...
€ 1,52
Rainbow flag 150x240
Large Rainbow flag - for outdoor use- 150x240 cm Sewn Nylon w/grommets...
€ 22,80
10 Circle Rainbow Stickers
These round rainbow stickers are a 3,8 cm circle that has stripes with...
€ 0,80
Badge - Never Again
3 cm in size
€ 1,20
PIN - TransPride-heart
Lapel Pin in the shape of a heart - TransPride colors
Designed by QX Shop
€ 3,76
Woven Patch Keychain
Rainbow ribbon woven patch keychain, 13 cm long, 3 cm wide. Fits perfect...
€ 3,04
QX - 12 issues/1 year
The Swedish magazine QX is the largest LGBT magazine in Scandinavias with...
from € 32,40
Transgender Pride flag on stick
Transgender Pride on stick.  Size 30 cm high, 45 cm long. The stick 59...
€ 3,04
Rainbow Flag 60 x 90
Rainbow Flag 60 x 90 This flag is screen printed onto 100% woven...
€ 4,56
PIN with Christian Cross
Pin with the Christian Cross in rainbow colors
€ 3,76
Appr 3 cm in size
€ 0,80
Rainbow Tie
Nice tie in rainbow colors for parade or week day
€ 6,08
Rainbow paper Napkins
Rainbow Paper Napkins to make your party extra colourful! Size 33 x 33 cm...
€ 3,04
Anklet leather
Anklet leather
€ 1,84

For the Bears

Bookmark bear flag
DogTag large BearPride
Bear Flag Military ID Tag
Bear flag on stick
Bear Pride Flag 90 x 150
Stickers teddy

For the rainbow family

Vem kan älska Ella?
Junior börjar förskolan
Göm Enya
Måste ha monster
Junior vill ha syskon

For Women

Queer as Karin
Vem ska trösta Gösta?
Vi är Serbiens hjärta
The Kids Are All Right - Blue Ray
Frida Selander - Be the knight

For the Leather crowd

Läderbögar - Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin
Leather Flag Military ID Tag
Leather Flag 90x150
Leather Pride Flag on stick
Leather Pride 60 x 90
Leather Pride 90 x 150 Nylon

Rainbow colored items

Beach / Pool Towel
Book mark Men
Rainbow Kite Sailing Ship
DogTag Rainbow flag
Rainbow Squiggle  DogTag
Rainbow flag 150x240

For transgender folks

Transgender Pride on stick
Transgender Pride flag
Trans Pride Beads with Cross
Trans Pride Beads with Cross
Transgender flag Pin
Trans Pride Ceramic Bead Bracelet

QX Shop

QX Shop is part of QX Publishing (QX Förlag AB) who is a committed part of the gay and LGBT world. We offer flags, badges and accessories that marks belonging to our community. The QX Shop you also find clothes, books and movies that are popular in the gay / LGBT community.

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