Flags, jewelry and accessories with the colors showing belonging and connectedness with bisexuals. Bi-flag created in 1998 by Michael Page in order to make visible bisexual. It consists of a pink / dark pink area that symbolizes same-sex attraction, a blue field, symbolizing attraction for the opposite sex and in between a purple field symbolizes the ability to be attracted to both sexes.

Bi Pride Flag 90x150 - printed
Bi Pride Flag 90x150. This flag is screen printed onto 100% woven...
€ 6,08
Lapel Pin in the shape of a heart - BiPride colours.
€ 3,76
Badge Bi Pride Colours
3 cm in size
€ 1,20
Bisexual Shoelace Pair
Made Of 100% Cotton.
Size: 108 cm Long 1 cm wide
€ 3,76
Key Chain Lanyard Bi Pride
Lanyard with Key Chain -in BiPride colours
Appr 43 cm long
€ 3,04
Bunting - 30 small Bi Pride flags
9 meters long, Contains 30 flags sewn on to a strong polyester tape, each...
€ 17,52
Heart Hanging Earrings Bi Pride
These Bi Pride heart hanging earrings are pretty striped heart charms on...
€ 7,60
Necklace BiPride Heart
Necklace with a Bi Pride Heart charm on silver snake chain with a lobster...
€ 10,64
These rainbow Heart-stickers are app. 3,8 cm 
Sold 5 at a time
€ 0,80
Bandana BiPride
Bandana in BiPride-colours. 54 cm x 54 cm.
€ 3,76
Now you can pick your teeth in a Bisexual style. These adorable Bi Pride...
€ 3,04
These rectangle stickers are 3,2 cm tall by 5 cm wide and have stripes...
€ 0,80
Belt - BiPride colours
BiPride Nylon Belt Material: flexibale Nylon. Metal Buckle with metal...
€ 6,08
Bisexual Sweat Wristband
Made of 80% cotton, 20% Spandex. Elasticized to fit most adult wrists.
€ 4,56
Bi-flag on stick
BiPride flag on stick. 10x15 cm
Base sold separate
€ 2,24
BiPride cotton bracelet
Knitted BiPride bracelet
€ 2,24
Bisexual Dog Tag
Dog Tag with the BiPride colours
€ 6,08
Socks - Bi Pride
Breathable combed cotton with strech spandex for strength and...
€ 10,64
Bisexual Paracord Bracelet
BiPride Paracord Bracelet23 x 1,9 cm
€ 6,80
BiPride coloured Bow Tie
Bow tie in the Bi Pride colours
€ 6,08
Bi Pride Satin Table Flag,15 x 22 cm.Chrome Pole with Chrome Base
€ 7,60
Bi Pride Heart Round Key Chain
This Bi Pride heart key chain have a striped heart charms on a round...
€ 7,60
Tie Bi Pride colours
100% shiny Polyester.
13cm x 6,5 cm by the base
adjustable elastic strap.
€ 6,80
Terry Cloth Headband, Bi Pride
Terry Cloth Headband for the Tennis court or the parade!
€ 4,56
Charm Bisexual Heart
These bisexual heart charms are pink, lavender and blue striped heart...
€ 3,04
BiPride buntings - 10 flags
3 meters long. Contains 10 flags sewn on to a strong polyester tape, each...
€ 7,60
BIPride Flag  Sticker
BIPride Flag Sticker
€ 1,52
Bracelet, leather with BiPride beads
Bracelet, leather with BiPride beads
€ 1,84
BiPride flag strip
BiPride flag strip, 69 cm
€ 1,52
Silicone Bracelet - Bi Pride
Silicone Bracelet in the Bisexual Pride colors
€ 2,24
Bi Pride Beads With Dolphin Necklace
Ceramic Bi Pride Beads on an appr. 45 cm black cord.  Each ceramic bead...
€ 9,12
BiPride-brush has arrived! Show how proud you really are with this very...
€ 3,76
Bi Pride Beads With Star Of David Necklace
Ceramic Bi Pride Beads on an 45 cm black cord.  Each ceramic bead is 4mm...
€ 9,12
Bi Pride Ceramic Bead Bracelet
Ceramic Beads on black cord with clasp, 20 cm
€ 6,08
Friendship bracelet BiPride
Friendship bracelet BiPride, thin
€ 2,24
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