Christian symbols

QX Shop has a selection of jewelry and other items that allwos for you that are Christian to show your affiliation and take a stand.


PIN Rainbow Cross
Pin with a raibbow colored Cross
1,5 cm broad, 2 cm high
€ 4,56
Rainbow Christ flag on stick
Rainbow flag on wooden stick with the Christian symbol: Jesus fish or...
€ 3,04
Earrings Rainbow Cross
These Rainbow Cross hanging earrings are pretty striped Cross charms on...
€ 7,60
Badge - Rainbow Fish
3 cm in size
€ 1,20
Necklace Rainbow Cross
Rainbow Cross sterling silver plated necklace have a pretty rainbow...
€ 10,64
Rainbow flag with the Jesus fish
Rianbow flag, 90 x 150 cm, in polyester. With the Christian symbol:...
€ 6,08
Badge - Chi Roh
3 cm in size
€ 1,20
Ss Sergius and Bacchus
The two "gay" saints Sergius and Bacchus icon printed on paper.
€ 0,96
Badge Coexist
Badge Coexist
3 cm Diameter
€ 1,52
Necklace Ceramic and cross
Rainbow Ceramic Beads with Cross Necklace
€ 8,32
Trans Pride Beads with Cross
Trans Pride Beads with Cross
€ 9,12
Bumper - God Save Us From...
Bumper with the text: God Save Us From Your Followers
€ 1,52
Bear Pride Cross Necklace
Bear Pride Cross Necklace
€ 9,12
Coexist Flag 90x150
Our 90x150 cm Polyester Coexist Rainbow Flag has header tape and 2 metal...
€ 6,08
Bi Pride Beads with Cross Necklace
Bi Pride Beads with Cross Necklace
€ 9,12
PIN - Lucky Hand
Made of high quality metal.  Hand silk screened with epoxy surface coating.
€ 3,76
Stockholms Gaykör "Kom Ut i Jul"
Stockholm Gaykörs (Gay Choirs) first CD. "Come Out at Christmas" 1.
€ 5,28
Exhibition catalogue to Elisabeth Ohlson Wallins Photo exhibition...
€ 22,48

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