The world of the Moominvalley with Moomintrolls, Mymbles and Hattifnatter not to forget Little My and Snufkin, the Fillyfjonk and the Mama and Papa of course, has been pirnted on bed linnen and kitchen items for all fans.

Why Moomintrolls in a LGBT-Shop? Well... just ask Too-ticky and she will explain!

Canvas Bag - Too-ticky
Stylish canvas bag with a Too-ticky quote in Swedish: ''Allting är mycket...
€ 12,88
PostCard Moomin Advent Calendar
Combine a cute Moomin Winter and Christmas postcard with a Advent Calendar
€ 4,48
Canvas Bag - Little My
Stylish canvas bag with a Little My quote in Finnish: (In English ''Can I...
€ 12,88
PostCard - Moomin and Snufkin
Postcard with Moomin and Snufkin from the MoominValley stories...
€ 3,52
Postcard Moomin Christmas Card
Wish a Merry Christmas in Swedish with this Moomin motive
€ 3,52
Poster - Mumindalen
Poster over the Moomin Valley - texts in Swedish
50 x 70 cm
€ 12,88
Poster - Too-Ticky and Little My
Mini poster with Too-Ticky and Little My
24 x 30 cm
€ 8,96
Postcard Snufkin
Postcard with Snufkin from the MoominValley stories. Text in English.
€ 3,52
Poster - Tove Jansson and Moomin Characters
Poster, 50 x 70 cm. Tove Jansson and her Moomin characters.
€ 11,60
Poster - Muuminlaakson kartta
Poster: Moomin Valley map - texts in Finnish
50 x 70 cm
€ 12,88
Time Disc little My
Time Discs for home, hobby, parking, sailing Place the card on the...
€ 4,56
Magic Moomin Apron For Children
The Magic Moomin apron contains a touch of magic. The Moomin characters...
€ 12,16
Bath Towel- blue, with the Moomin Carachter Too-Ticky • Bath towel size...
€ 22,80
Baby blanket
Baby Blanket 100 % cotton, 80 x 100 cm
€ 22,08
Too-Ticky Small Towel, 30 x 50
The Moomin carachter Too-Ticky on a small towel.• Small towel size is...
€ 6,08
Blanket Moomin Valley
Blanket, 100% cotton, 130 x 170 cm with a map over the Moomin Valley
€ 70,80
Advent Calendar - Moomin Winter Games
Advent Calendar Moomin
Size 29,7 x 42 cm
Glitter details
€ 8,96
Advent Calendar - Moomin
Advent Calendar with Moomin Winter motive -
Size 21 x 29,7 cm
€ 7,12
Advent Calendar - Moomin Games
Moomin Winter Games motive at the cute Advent Calendar, size 21 x 29,7 cm.
€ 7,12
Purse - Little My
Classic ourse with Little My sleeping in a sewing accessories box.
€ 25,12
Postcard - Moominvalley
Postcard with the Tove Jansson map over the Moomin Valley. In Swedish...
€ 1,92
Poster - Snufkin
Poster with the Moomin character Snufkin
Size 50 x 70 cm
€ 11,60
Postcard - Pappan och havet
Postcard with text, in Swedish, and illustration from the Tove Jansson...
€ 1,92

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